Duck Meditation

[Photo copyright by onebigfish via Flickr under creative commons licence]

Duck Meditation

Now we are ready to look at something pretty special
It is a duck
Riding the ocean a hundred feet beyond the surf
As he cuddles in the swells.
There’s a big heaving in the Atlantic
And he is part of it.
He can rest while the Atlantic heaves
Because he rests in the Atlantic.
Probably he doesn’t know how large the ocean is
And neither do you
But he realizes it somewhere and what does he do, I ask you?
He sits down in it.
Duck Meditation.
He reposes in the immediate as if it were infinity
Which it is.
That is religion, and the duck has it.
How about you?


[The photo shows a 5 storeys tall Rubber Duck,
which was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman,
against the smoky air of Hong Kong and tightly packed crowds.
The duck visited Hong Kong in June 2013 as an art project.  
Internet searches for >rubber duck< had been banned in China
after Tiananmen square protestors mocked up images of the infamous 1989 event,

substituting the tanks for the duck. No kidding.]

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