Enlightenment or Banana

[Photo copyright by Gareth Bogdanoff via Flickr under creative commons licence]

Today I would like to share a wonderful little story I remember from one of Jack Kornfields many online dhamma talks. It’s about Joseph Goldstein, one of the pioneers of the Vipassana-Meditation movement in the West.

When he was young, he practiced in India at monasteries where the food sometimes was very poor. Only every other day they would get something special for dinner; some sort of a small sweet banana.

One time he was sitting in meditation, feeling himself getting deeper and deeper into a very calm and relaxed state of concentration. He knew he was about to experience something wonderful, enlightenment was getting closer and closer, he could really just sense it…

** Suddenly he heard the dinner bell.**

He knew he had to make a decision:

It was either >enlightenment< or >banana<.

He said, usually the banana won.


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