Ordinary things to know about the author of this blog:

The author of this blog is almost forty years old and lives in Germany.

He always hated school and finally studied biology because he didn’t know what else to do. He decided to do a PhD in cognitive neuroscience because he still didn’t know what else to do, but not knowing should at least sound smart, he thought.

He then started to work for companies in the real world, selling medical technology or supporting software because (while still not knowing what else to do) you kind of have to pay for food and rent.

He also took a decade long detour through martial arts, practicing Tai Chi and Aikido. That was surprisingly useful, since it led him to Buddhism very early on, back in the last century, when he was twentyish. It still feels weird, because even though everything else fell off over the years, Buddhism kind of stuck.

So, the author knows stuff about the brain, about martial arts and about Buddhism, but still does not know what to do with his life, so now he is writing a lot about what he does not know.

The bottom line is: It’s a weird path, but it’s the only one he has and writing is fun.

Enjoy my website, and feel free to contact me at


Sven Haupt

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